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David Scott Bruce
852 Haight St @ Divis
San Francisco, California
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David Scott Bruce

Client List

  • ArtSpan: Worked with a team of volunteers to update their participant database and web back-end.
  • Art Endowment Worked with Boston's Art Connection to set up a non-profit to give art away. Worked with a volunteer Web Designers to produce the Web site.
  • ArtVan: Co founded with the current ED of the Art Endowment. Designed and built the database driven Web site
  • Bekke: Developed job costing, order processing and bookkeeping systems and software
  • California Bicyclist Magazine: Circulation manager
  • Exploritorium: Volunteer database work
  • Hara Software: Worked with the CEO, COO, head of marketing, and Presidio students to develop a sustainable marketing plan
  • Ideum: Worked with founder to produce PHP driven application
  • InnerSpace Engineering: Vice President of Operations in charge of marketing, operations, contracts, and finance for a specialty contractor that focuses on Public Works projects
  • Lulan: Worked with founder to produce the financial section of the business plan
  • Netcentives: Worked with top US airlines to batch process "miles" program, developed customer service database, coordinated efforts between programmers, QA, production engineers, and marketing department.
  • Primordial, LLC: Office work
  • Rain Forest Action Network: Worked with program manager to update the donor database application
  • Redbull: Worked with warehouse crew, event and finance managers, and Presidio students to produce an event asset inventory strategic plan
  • San Francisco Supervisor Matt Gonzalez: Worked with staff to produce a legislative database to track proposals through the City legislative process
  • Sierra Club: Worked with staff to transfer donor data from a main-frame database to a desktop database application
  • Sorrent: Worked with the QA department to develop a bug tracking database application
  • SubTraction: Worked with the principal to develop a Flash designer talent placement database
  • Peoplesoft: Worked with a team of contractors on a Teamsite migration project
  • True Market Solutions: Worked with founder to produce the financial section of the business plan
  • Women In Consulting: Worked with the project manager, Web designer, and copywriter to produce the PHP application and MySQL database back-end

Please see my portfolio for more information.

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