David Bruce, MBA

Business Analyst


San Francisco, CA 94117 | (415) 640-5041

Financial Analyst / Business Analyst: FREELANCE CONSULTANT, San Francisco

Produced financial plans, analyzed operations and strategies with a focus on developing sustainable business models.

Proforma Projections (True Market Solutions)

  • Produced 60-month financial, P&L, and cash-flow statements, designing spreadsheet to model revenue, direct expenses, and indirect overhead, taking multiple variables into account. Evaluated business operations informed by my wide range of business experiences and proposed strategies around best, worst, and most probable case scenarios.
    RESULT ⇒ First-time operational clarity and guidance, now bolstering efforts in attracting funding.

Proforma Projections (Lulan)

  • Generated 60-month financial, P&L, and cash-flow statements, also requiring spreadsheet design and startup operations analysis. Delivered reports including terminal value, with operational, financial and social impact narratives.
    RESULT ⇒ 600,000 in first-round funding (2010) with follow-up funding of $2M (2011).

VP Operations and Project Management: INNERSPACE ENGINEERING San Mateo

Specialty contractor of pre-engineered, modular building and workstation products for institutional and commercial users.


  • Designed, developed, and implemented application to handle order entry, invoicing, costing, supply chain, and project management functions, plus ample reporting options including commission calculations.
  • Hired, trained and managed Estimating, Project Management, and Bookkeeping staff. Produced reports and forecasts.
    RESULT ⇒ Agents had customer histories at their fingertips for increased service. Office staff of 4 handled $5M in sales.

Web & Online Sales Programs

  • Launched guerilla marketing program with SEO campaign to drive customers to the website, with the intention of winning their goodwill through relevant, helpful content. Developed multiple data points to better target content.
    RESULT ⇒ Immediate increases in call volume; 1st-page ranking for niche-market keywords.

Project Management

  • Negotiated contracts of $1M/year with local, state and Federal entities and some of California’s largest contractors. Gathered requirements, generated proposals, and managed up to 70 concurrent projects.
  • Took over and salvaged three over-budget, half-completed municipal building projects (e.g. SF Public Library, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, George Washington High School), by identifying architects' mistakes, drafting new Value-Engineered Option (VEO), and winning quick buy-in from stakeholders on all sides of the equation.
    RESULT ⇒ Turned money loosing projects into 5-20% above average margin jobs and made all parties look good.

Database Application Developer: FREELANCE CONTRACTOR San Francisco

Built applications for Glu Mobile, Sierra Club, ideum, Women in Consulting and many others.

Bug-Tracker Tool (Glu Mobile)

  • Transformed generic Filemaker database into a custom, web-based (PHP) engineering tool, incorporating features meeting all requests from numerous departments with differing agendas.
    RESULT ⇒ Enhanced tool to work the way users worked, instead of making users work the way the tool did.

Interactive Membership Site (Women In Consulting)

  • Revolutionized flat-file PHP application, adding in administrative interface and rewriting code with new libraries and features integrated with MySQL database.
    RESULT ⇒ Searchable directory; no further need for an outside content manager to upload updates.

Data Analyst & Release Engineer: NETCENTIVES San Francisco

Internet startup with ClickRewards incentive currency. Hired as employee 28 in marketing and promoted to engineer.

Data Analyst

  • CRM Application: Gathered requirements, designed and built customer support tool that tracked responses, reported trends, forecasted needs, and informed the department and management for continuous improvements in service..
    RESULT ⇒ 50% under budget and within schedule; CSR's exceeded single contact productivity goals by 25%.
  • Wrote ad-hoc SQL queries for operational initiatives and executive reporting.
  • Developed batch transaction tracker with airline partners and provided engineers with data quality feedback to convince management to allocate resources to handle more transmission errors.
    RESULT ⇒ Elimination of recurring data-transmission gap with 9 airlines; eliminated need to track transaction errors.

Code Management System

  • Debugged and deployed Java, JSP, HTML, and XML code. Oversaw internal code and hardware configuration.
    RESULT ⇒ Reliable transfer of code through Development, QA, Staging, and Production.

FileMaker Programmer / Desktop Publisher: FREELANCE CONSULTANT, San Francisco

Discovered a knack for database programming through early career as a desktop publisher, switching business model to focus on designing business management systems for non-profits and small business owners.

StyleMaker Production Tool (for various clothing designers)

  • Conceptualized and created cost-effective production management solution, offering add on services in developing input and reporting features around order-entry, pricing, cut ticket, inventory management, and bookkeeping.
  • Integrated system with, and mimicked interface of, QuickBooks—a common tool of small business owners.
    RESULT ⇒ More accurate pricing, reports to forecast and inform production efforts.


MBA – Presidio Graduate School, San Francisco | BA Economics, University of Colorado | LEED A Certification
Coursework in Computer Information Systems Design & Analysis (UC Berkeley), Java I & II (Sun Microsystems),
TeamSite & Open Deploy (Interwoven), and Bookkeeping and Accounting.


Hara: Strategic Marketing Plan (2009) — Conducted market research and offered feedback on deck, go-to-market strategy,
     and branding for this KPCB-funded startup focused on carbon accounting and resource management.

Red Bull: Logistics Plan (2008) — Determined optimal storage/transportation strategy and end-of-life option for Redbull's
     music and sporting events, designing spreadsheets to track equipment, travel distance, and project lifecycle.

SunEnergy: Lease Analysis Tool (2008) — Helped a solar equipment leasing company capture market share by building a spreadsheet
     to accept input variables to compare electricity costs for given users with various lease options.

The Art Endowment: Website (2003-2005) — Created customizable MySQL and PHP "marketplace" website with 4-tiered
     access to visitors, artists, administrator, and super administrator. Received Mayor's Certificate of Honor.


In both business and financial analysis projects, I am always looking for ways to gain efficiency, but also to ensure that the process works the way people do. This makes buy-in more immediate and maximizes long-term value.

Programming & Coding: PHP, SQL, HTML, FileMaker, Excel
Authoring & Designing: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Visio), Adobe Photoshop