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David Scott Bruce

Press Release:

David Bruce has just completed his MBA from the Presidio Graduate School. The program focuses on whole systems thinking to facilitate long-term economic, social, and environmental health for companies and communities.

I am pleased to be part of a growing trend towards sustainable business practices. As my teacher, mentor, and friend, Hunter Lovins once said, "Business got us into this mess, and business will get us out". This is a fact that yesterday's environmentalists were not always willingn to face. It is imperitive for our children's future to face the fact that short term profits are needed to finance the transition to a greener economy. It is my sincere wish to help with that transition.

But I am not only a businessman environmentalist. I am also an artist, and a father, a loving husband, and devoted son. And while my family and personal life is still private, I do wish to share my art. Much of my work is older. I have not painted a painting since shortly after my first daughter was born. But I shall return to it. For now, here is what I have: artwork

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Here's a VR tour of a show at the ArtyPants Gallery. Click here to see it.


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