Will Roger


2112 West St. Studio 3

Oakland, CA 94612

Will Roger Human beings have two major motivations, procreation and spiritual growth, but these primal urges are often in conflict.Many personal demons and guilt's surround our sexuality. We have been taught that carnality is the realm of the devil, and spirituality is the realm of God. And yet, I have found that the most spiritually profound experiences have come to me through sexual interaction.

Three years ago I began purposely to explore the imagery of sexuality with the intent of revealing the spirit of the sexual dance in all its forms, and to merge the carnal and spiritual. I began with myself, and was led to confront our culture's denial of the male body, especially the censorship issues related to the turgid penis. The female body is considered aesthetically beautiful in its entirety, while the male is only considered beautiful while the most important physical part is covered by a fig leaf.

There is no inappropriate sexual combination or interaction between consenting adults. All physical love is spiritual and beautiful whether it is between man and woman or man and man or woman and woman or each alone.

In my photography, I direct gesture and motion to reveal the inner person. I seek the link to the spirit, and the expression of the sexual dance. I intend to continue exploring humanity and sexuality in all its forms, with the purpose of revealing the spiritual and mythical aspects; and leaving the areas our culture is in denial of-exposed.

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