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Please visit the The Art Endowment the non-profit that gives art to non profits and other public benefit organizations. We accept digital images of artist's work and place that work in public view. This benefits the artist by getting their work on display, it benefits the public by enhancing public spaces, and it reinforces the act of creating and displaying art.

Born of the intersection between the irreverent SF Art Van and Boston's Art Connection, the Art Endowment continues to bridge the gap between artist and the public. We are also proud to be homesteading in Oakland at the old American Steel factory in partnership with Dan Das Mann.

Artypants is now primarily the top domain of David Bruce with all of the art events and the like pawned off onto others. But there is still a bunch of art on this site and some nifty tools, too. Check it out:

  • Download the free version of the Artwork FileManager to keep track of your artwork and print labels. (WinXP only). I will be adding Mac version and a show/exhibition list in the near future. Download here .
  • I've finished our new and FREE Artist Web Pages where you can upload your images and have your own page on our site. Check it out here. Register or login here.

  • Thanks to Patrick Cheatham of CheathamLane.net, we are proud to present the 2002 Cn3D Virtual Reality tour at ArtyPants Gallery. still getting hits eight years later!

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